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duniya hila denge.

Cricket is to the rest of the world what baseball is to the US, though part of me already hears the argument that the two sports should not be mentioned in the same sentence. For my American family and friends, you’ll have to indulge me this morning. For everyone else, I ask for your patience as I may have to explain a few things along the way.

Last night I attended my first live cricket match and I am still humming the Indians’ team song. Well, just the refrain,which translates to “let’s rock the world” according to the posters. Hrithik Roshan, a major Bollywood actor, performs in the video which they played at the beginning of the match. Cheerleaders dance to the refrain after each wicket is taken when the Indians are fielding or after they score big runs when batting. The crowd goes wild; they’re on their feet dancing, clapping, and waving their arms in the air.
(check out the video here )

I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of televised cricket, especially during the current Indian Premier League tournament. The games are short– only 20 overs for each team– which is perfect for my American attention span. The Indians bowled first last night, and it was a completely different experience seeing it in person. I almost jumped out of my skin when the first batsman was bowled out. Seeing those little white bales go flying was exhilarating! (translation: Behind the batsman are three wooden stumps with two small cylindrical bits perched on top. The bowler threw the ball and it directly hit the stumps, sending the bales flying, which means the batsman is out).

Part of what interests me about the game is the drama behind the scenes. I love hearing stories about the players or of fantastic victories. Sam grew up with cricket so he knows all sorts of interesting facts and stories about the game. Last night he told me about a match in Kenya which a batsman scored over 250 runs from a single ball.

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