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killer instincts.

(Warning: this post is a little graphic).

My heart actually stopped beating when I saw the fluffy grey tail dangling from my cat’s mouth.  Just a second ago, I heard the squeaking of a squirrel that sounded a little too close to home.  I ran to investigate and saw Ladybug with the squirrel clenched firmly in her teeth.  Sam and I tried to corner her and coerce her to drop the poor thing but she was too deep into her animal nature to be persuaded.  She finally dashed into the bathroom and I slammed the door behind her.  (I thought it might be easier to clean than the living room rug.)  My pulse was racing as Sam and I quickly debated what to do.  I followed Ladybug, armed with a plastic bag and a bucket to collect the body of the tiny little squirrel.  I must have startled Ladybug because she dropped the squirrel who (still alive) managed to hobble to safety.  I picked up Ladybug and handed her over to Sam so I could scoop up the squirrel and release it outside.  The little guy was shaking and I could see his heart beating through his chest when I returned him to the balcony floor.  It took him a few hours to recover from the shock but he finally got the strength to find another home.


ridin’ the kiney.

Daffy enjoyed his first ride on the Kinetic Honda scooter (“the Kiney”).  Travelling by scooter is very popular in Ahmedabad, as well as other Indian cities.  Except Bombay.

Prisoner of Aquaguard.

Like so many Indian homes, our kitchen is equipped with a triple filtration water purifying system known as an Aquaguard. This essential appliance physically, chemically, and biologically processes the municipal water supply so that it’s safe for us to drink. Ours has not worked since Thursday. Five promises of “tomorrow” have passed and still no repairman has come. I begin each day hopeful and end it bored, taking pictures of Daffy and Ladybug, my fellow prisoners. I’m convinced that the real reason Indians have such a developed family network is so no single person has to stay home waiting for repairmen or delivery people.


on the road.

Many of you have asked about “the babies”, Daffy and Ladybug. This photo was taken on their first road trip, about 12 hours after their arrival in Bombay. They have officially claimed their status as world-class travelers.