another new language.

As if I didn’t have my hands full trying to communicate in Hindi, I realized the other day that I’ve also been learning another new language: Husband.  The realization followed my using one of Sam’s phrases on him.  “OK, we’ll talk about it.”  Sam’s face dropped as he replied, “Uh oh.”  

Whenever Sam tells me we’ll talk about something, it usually means he’s already made his decision but he’s willing to let me present my argument before disagreeing.  “We’ll talk about it” is better than “OK, let’s think about that”, which translates to “No WAY am I thinking about THAT.”  Those are Sam’s basic veto phrases.

On the active side, when Sam wants to do something he’ll preface it by saying, “Here’s a thought.”  He will then proceed to list all the reasons why I should consider his idea that he really, really, really wants to do.  It’s usually something I have zero interest in.  Then there’s the phrase I dread the most.  “Here’s a wild idea.  Now, it’s just a thought.”  That means that he’s already thought about it, planned it, and possibly even done it or bought it without telling me.  This situation is hopeless.  There is absolutely nothing I can say or do to counteract this “thought”.  I almost always drag my feet and kick and scream against doing it.  But more often than not, they end up being the times I enjoy the most.


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