There are moments in life that are neither here nor there.  These are the spaces between; no words can be spoken and no action performed.  The I Ching tells us about the sacrificial ritual in China that began with an ablution and libation by which the Deity was invoked, after which the sacrifice was offered.  The moment between these two ceremonies was considered the most sacred of all, the moment of deepest inner concentration.

Our modern lives hardly teach us to notice these spaces.  We are woefully unprepared for how to navigate the nothingness.  We are taught to fill the silence, to distract ourselves from the feeling of being uncomfortable or vulnerable or insecure.  We must DO something, we must SAY something.   Impatience and desire for resolution pushes us prematurely around the discomfort.  The ancient Chinese oracle reminds us that in the sacred moment of liminality we realize the detour is in fact the cause of our discomfort.  It is only when we allow ourselves to simply BE in the silence, to hover in the moment of stillness, that we may grow into the truth of who we really are.


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