from a taxi., originally uploaded by mbdoctor19.

The monsoon has started again. After nearly a week without much more than a light shower, the rains are back in earnest. I was shopping in town yesterday when the skies opened up. I waved in vain as one taxi after another floated past me. My arms were getting soaked. I was sure that my shopping bag would disintegrate at any moment. At some point I came to terms with my situation and accepted the inevitability of walking to my next destination. I retreated to the sidewalk, where I huddled under a store overhang. I rolled up my jeans, pulled on my windbreaker, and unfurled my new blue paisley umbrella. I stepped off the sidewalk and instantly felt the water rise above my ankles. I paused for a moment; something came over me as I felt myself surrender to the circumstances. I laughed silently at my earlier attempts to minimize my discomfort when I realized it was those very actions that were the true source of my agitation. It wasn’t the rain or the damp clothes that bothered me. It was my avoidance of them that was the root of my suffering. Once I embraced the truth of my experience as it was— releasing what I’d hoped it would be– I continued on my path.


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