heading home.

In the morning, Sam and I will begin the return journey to Bombay. This six-week trip to the US has been incredibly rich, as we’ve filled our days and evenings visiting friends and family on the east coast. Looking back at my posts, I realized that more than two weeks have passed since my last entry. I feel as if I’ve lived a dozen life times since then. I posted my last entry on the morning of June 6th, the first time I spoke to my sister in eighteen months. She had cut off all contact between us without an explanation. When I learned she was coming to my parents’ home (where I was staying) I was very nervous about seeing her. Would she speak to me? Would she initiate a confrontation? Would she want to reconcile? So many questions about her went unanswered. At the same time I questioned my readiness to see her. During this time of silence I experienced a range of emotions, including self-righteousness and anger, confusion and pain. In recent weeks I had sought the counsel of my spiritual teachers, who encouraged me to remain open and loving toward my sister. The morning of my sister’s arrival I awoke early to clean the house, literally and metaphorically preparing to receive her. I extended my daily spiritual practice to include an hour of morning meditation. The result was a loving encounter with my sister, which I believe is an open doorway to healing our fractured relationship.

Since our meeting, I have been holding in my heart the gifts I received through this process. The feeling is still a little dense for me and I haven’t yet put into words my spiritual experience. I do know that I am returning home feeling a little more spacious inside.


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