first thing in the morning.

I know I’ve lived all my life in the US; I’ve been in India for only eight months. But this morning I woke up at my parents’ house in New Jersey, and was faced with some strange realities.
1.) I have to iron my own clothes. You will have to forgive me if my clothes appear crumpled. Since moving to India, I have ironed exactly one top. We have an istriwala who comes to the house to collect the day’s ironing and return the clothes from the previous day. Each item costs 2 rupees, so I even send out Sam’s undershirts and hankies.
2.) I took a shower with water intentionally made hot. With 90-degree weather in Bombay, all water that flows from the tap is at least warm, if not hot.
3.) It’s raining. This is the first rainy morning I’ve seen since last autumn. Which makes me glad I remembered (at the last minute) to pack sneakers, because…
4.) I have to wear closed shoes. I only wear sandals or flip-flops in Bombay. Every day.


1 Response to “first thing in the morning.”

  1. 1 Mary
    17 May 2008 at 5:50 am

    MB- You’ve only been gone (from BOM) 48 hours, but already it’s lonely here without you. Of course, in 5 more days, I’ll be in your time zone again!
    Ohhh… rainy day. Sounds nice.

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