OK Thank You.

For the past two weeks I’ve been hunting for new bedding after our old set caught fire. (It was really just a little fire that resulted in the confirmation of Sam’s suspicion that our power strip had a short circuit). In store after store helpful salesclerks hovered behind me, unrolling and unpacking samples to show me and then painstakingly repackaging each item after I mumbled an apologetic, “OK, thank you. That wasn’t really what I had in mind.” Three days ago I went to Fabindia, which is sort of like the Whole Foods of home furnishings. In contrast to more typical Indian textile shops, which tend to be cramped, dimly lit, and slightly musty, Fabindia showrooms have hardwood floors and rotating carousels offering organic soaps and lotions. Bedcovers are neatly stacked according to color, as if the salesclerk himself were a prism refracting sunlight onto the shelves. Running my fingers over the various textures, I asked the clerk if Fabindia has its own line of products or carries items manufactured by other companies. He replied that it is best to look at the material in person at the store, to see the patterns and shades of color as they really are. “So, you only carry Fabindia products?” I asked in slightly tentative, high-pitched confusion. His facial expression seemed to indicate that he, too, was perplexed by the conversation. We stood staring at each other with squinted eyes until I finally broke the silence with my standard, “OK, thank you.” I left the store, wondering whether if I spoke too quickly or got lost in American syntax again. And I still haven’t found a bedcover.


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