Did you eat any fish?

Sam and I have been covered in hives from head to toe for the past three days. This morning we consulted a dermatologist, who asked if we had eaten any fish recently. Sam and I looked at each other, retracing our food route over the last few meals. Then we sat in amused silence as we remembered the last seafood meal- sushi at Wasabi. According to every restaurant guide, food review, and word-of-mouth reference, Wasabi is THE place for sushi. It is so well-regarded that travelers and ex-pats even drink the water there. The quality of the fish is unparalleled, but so are the prices. Sashimi salads start at about Rs. 1200 ($30) plus tax, and simple tuna or salmon rolls cost about Rs. 575 ($12). The meal certainly met our expectations, but the itchy aftermath has influenced our decision to eat there again.


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